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Top 12 Most Popular MMORPGs, Ranked By Total Active Users


Top 12 Most Popular MMORPGs, Ranked By Total Active Users

Note: It’s irregular for companies to publish hard numbers of active users for MMORPGs nowadays. Therefore, this list’s rankings are based on data from several different sources, including Steam Charts, online censuses, past population reports, as well as population trackers such as this one. In the end, we do have to speculate a little to determine a ballpark for the most popular MMORPGs.

12. Bless Online

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The youngest MMORPG on our list, Bless Online took the scene by storm when it released in May 2018. Its player count was exceptional in its first month, peaking at a concurrent of more than 25,000 in the first 30 days online. But since that time, the numbers have slid in dramatic fashion.

Bless’ active users dropped substantially following its launch, with peak player counts hitting just under 6,000 and then averaging around 3,000 thereafter. As of writing this update (Feb. 2019), Bless is managing a daily average of just 600 or so players, but as recently as last November the game saw population spikes of up to 3000.

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