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7 Best Gaming Voice Actors of Q1 2018


7 Best Gaming Voice Actors of Q1 2018

Tom McKay as Henry – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Best Voice Actors of Q1 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that might be too ambitious for its own good, and one aspect that suffers because of that, in some instances, is the voice acting. However, this isn’t true for the main character, Henry, played by Tom McKay. Henry starts out as a bit of a putz, a lazy village boy that likes to sleep in and stay up late drinking with his friends. However, he’s still a headstrong young man who holds his ideals close to his chest. McKay does an admirable job of portraying Henry as he grows and matures. He’s a strong central character that keeps the game’s plot moving forward, and despite the rocky start to his character, becomes a bit of a lovable rascal.

McKay certainly has experience with period acting, as he played Jasper Tudor on the Starz series The White Queen.

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