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How to Get Snapchat Points


How to Get Snapchat Points

How to Get Snapchat Points

Snapchat Points are the system used to measure how active you are on the photo-based, social media platform, Snapchat. To put it simply, the more you use Snapchat, the more points you earn and the higher your score is. If you want to increase that score though you’ll need to perform certain actions.

The primary way to increase your Snapchat points is by sending and receiving Snapchats, doing each will net you one point per action. But if you look at your Snaps sent/received (which you can do by going onto your profile and clicking your score) you’ll see that they don’t add up to your total points balance. That’s because there are a few other ways you can boost up your score.

Adding a Snap to your Snapchat story adds one point, but watching a story, unfortunately, doesn’t see it increase at all. You also don’t receive any points for messaging people either, meaning those huge group chat conversations don’t add to your score.

There is also a small bonus for your inactivity as well, if you’ve not touched Snapchat for at least six days, the first Snap you send will be worth a whole six points, slightly making up for the lost time.

In essence, if you want to see your Snapchat points increase drastically you’re going to have to send a lot of snaps and be very active with your story.

At this point in time the person with the highest Snapchat score is @Sillyblackguy with over 7 million Snapchat points, so if you’re just starting out you’ve got to get a lot of points to catch up!


This post was originally written by Dawson Roberts.

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