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4 Reasons Why Nintendo Labo Is Perfect for Kids


4 Reasons Why Nintendo Labo Is Perfect for Kids

Boundless Creativity

If there’s one thing Nintendo’s been great at, it’s inspiring their consumers to get creative with their products. The Switch pushed the boundaries of a standard console, letting players pick up and play games such as Skyrim and DOOM on the go. On top of that, the Joy-Cons are unique controllers that are perfect for playing in pairs, urging developers to develop more couch co-op games.

With the Nintendo Labo, the company pushes creative boundaries even further through cardboard boxes. One thing that’s so great about the Labo is the fact that it doesn’t come all fully-packaged, but instead, you’ll have to make these contraptions yourself. Most kids love working with their hands, finding new ways to see how things work. They can even decorate the cardboard with colorful sticks and tape. Building different gadgets and contraptions through arts and crafts will inspire children to become more creative, which is important to develop during their early years. The Nintendo Labo for the Switch is a great way to keep them away from tablets and smartphones while keeping them engaged and having fun.

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