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PC Building Simulator: How to Upgrade Graphics Card


PC Building Simulator: How to Upgrade Graphics Card

How to Upgrade Graphics Card in PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator, as the name implies, is all about crafting your very own personal computer. You’ll have plenty of tools to work with, from RAM to motherboards, making it the perfect game for those who love customizing their own systems. The idea is to get creative as possible while still following guidelines to avoid any unnecessary hiccups, such as the dreaded blue screen of death. That being said, one question fans might have is how they can upgrade their PC’s graphics card.

The first thing you’ll have to do is check the Part Ranking on your PC. You’ll pull up a list of graphics cards, so search for one that ranks higher than your current card. From there, open up the shop, click “Graphics Cards,” and search for the specific parts you’re looking for. Place an order and wait for it to come in the following day(s) in the world of PC Building Simulator.

Once you’ve finally gotten your new card, you can start opening up your PC. Remove the necessary parts and take out the old card. Insert the new graphics card, reinstall all of the other parts, and you should be good to go.

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