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God of War: How to Get All Niflheim Cipher Fragments (Trilingual Trophy)


God of War: How to Get All Niflheim Cipher Fragments (Trilingual Trophy)

How to Get All Niflheim Cipher Fragments in God of War

God of War‘s semi open-world design means there’s plenty of different distractions beyond just its main story. One such activity is various collectible items, including the Niflheim Cipher Fragments. There are four fragments to be collected, and once you’ve found them all, you’ll gain access to the realm of fog. Niflheim Cipher Fragments can be found in special silver chests that have purple gems and a mask over the lock. When you interact with them, Atreus will break the mask with his knife. Along with Muspelheim Ciphers, they count towards unlocking the Trilingual trophy. Here are some pointers on where you’ll find these chests located throughout the map:

  • The first of the Niflheim Cipher Fragments is near the Lookout Tower dock, which is on the southern banks of the Lake of Nine. You’ll find it on the beach just waiting for you to come along and pick it up. Once you’ve set foot on the sand, turn right. The chest is next to the cliff.
  • The second Niflheim Cipher Fragment in God of War is in Ruins of the Ancient, north of the lake. After you’ve defeated the Soul Devourer, look for the chest next to a pillar beside the cliff.
  • Another fragment can be found on the beach Alfheim Tower. This area is in the northeastern corner of the lake. As you ascend through the area you should see a yellow rock to your right. Climb up the ledge on the left and gaze down at the rock below. There should be two red crystals, which can be struck to blow up the rock obstructing your path. Walk through the rubble and there’s a chest at the very end of this passage.
  • The last Niflheim Cipher Fragment in God of War is in The Summit, right at the top of The Mountain. Its whereabouts are pretty obvious. Once you’ve opened the doors beside Sindri’s shop, you’ll walk out into a snowfield. The chest is just to your right.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all Niflheim Cipher Fragments in God of War. For more useful information and guides on the game, be sure to check out our wiki page.

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