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God of War: Who Atreus Is


God of War: Who Atreus Is

Who Atreus Is in God of War

The latest God of War game places Kratos in the land of Midgard, and we see that he now has a young son named Atreus as well. His son is a completely new character to the game, and not much is known about him aside from the fact that his mother (and Kratos’ wife) has passed away at the start of the story.

Do be warned that we’ll be spoiling Atreus’ identity in the game, as well as his bloodline. If you haven’t played the game and want to go in completely fresh, don’t read on.

About midway through God of War, Kratos finally reveals to Atreus that he’s actually a god from Sparta, which makes his son a half-god. Atreus may not be physically strong like Kratos, but he does possess remarkable linguistic abilities, where he’s able to quickly pick up a language and translate whenever necessary. At the end of God of War, when the two finally reach Jotunheim to scatter Faye’s ashes, we learn a bit more about the boy himself. As it turns out, Faye had originally wanted to name him Loki. As fans might already know, Loki is the name of a god in Norse mythology, and he’s the son of Odin. However, Kratos insisted on giving him a Spartan name instead. It’s also revealed that Faye was actually a Giant, and this makes Atreus half-god and half-Giant.

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