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God of War: How to Redeem Preorder Bonus DLC Items


God of War: How to Redeem Preorder Bonus DLC Items

How to Redeem Preorder Bonus DLC Items in God of War

Kratos doesn’t need fancy shields, weapons, or armor in order to complete his quest in God of War, but who’s gonna turn down some free, fancy-looking gear? Fortunately, if you had a preorder down for Santa Monica’s latest title, you’ll have been given a code to redeem some bonus DLC items to add a little flair to your adventure. Here’s what you need to know to redeem preorder bonus DLC in God of War.

Depending on where you purchased God of War from, your bonus DLC items may come in different forms. If you bought the game digitally from the PlayStation Store, the DLC items will automatically be downloaded with the full game and will be ready and waiting for you within your inventory once you’ve got through the opening stages.

On the other hand, if you bought God of War from a store, you may have a preorder bonus DLC code that you’ll need to redeem via the PlayStation Store. To do this, load it up on your system, head to the ‘Redeem Code’ option, and enter the 12-digit code. After confirming you want to redeem the DLC items, your PS4 will download the content in a few seconds and you’ll be all set to load up the game.

From this point on, the matter of getting your DLC items in game is the same as if you bought it digitally. Get through the opening moments of the game, head into the Weapons Menu, and you should be able to change out your shield here.

That’s all you need to know to redeem preorder bonus DLC items in God of War. For more tips, tricks, guides, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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