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God of War (PS4): Who the Witch Is (Spoilers)


God of War (PS4): Who the Witch Is (Spoilers)

Who the Witch Is in God of War for PS4 (Spoilers!)

In the new God of War, like in all the old ones, you’ll be meeting a lot of icons from ancient mythology. In this case, you’ll be traversing through Norse mythology. A new character you meet early on in the game – the Witch – will be all too helpful to just be any ol’ side character, right? One can always assume that in God of War, anyone you meet is probably going to be someone special from mythology.

Well, the Witch happens to be none other than Freya herself. For those needing a bit of a lesson: Freya is one of the most prominent gods in the mythology. She is the leader of the Vanir , and was made an honorary Aesir, too. You must have heard her name at some point in pop culture, as she’s one of the most famous ones from Norse mythology. Either way, there you have it, the identity of the witch! She’s not just any ol’ witch, after all. She’s a god, helping Kratos and Atreus out!

That’s all there is to it! If you have any other God of War questions, leave a comment down below or check out our wiki. If you’re intrigued to know who the Stranger is, too, check this guide out.

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