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God of War: Is it PS4 Pro Compatible?


God of War: Is it PS4 Pro Compatible?

Is God of War PS4 Pro Compatible?

Kratos is back in God of War, the new entry in the long-running action franchise. He’s sporting a beard this time around and wields the Leviathan Axe over his usual chains and swords. The game marks a series shift from Greek to Norse mythology, with Kratos exploring frozen ruins and the icy peaks of many a mountain. Kratos is accompanied by his son Atreus the entire way, who can help him out by firing arrows at his foes. The whole thing is presented using top-notch graphical fidelity, made even more spectacular by the PS4 Pro and its extra processing power.

There are a number of different options for God of War on PS4 Pro, from ones which increase performance, to ones which enhance fidelity. It’s worth noting that if you’re playing the game on a PS4 Pro and 1080p screen, the game will automatically enable 4K super-sampling. This results in 4K-like visuals, even without a 4K monitor. The other PS4 Pro options can be found in God of War’s settings menu and include Favor Resolution or Favor Performance.

The Favor Resolution option adds visual improvements and produces a crisper, sharper image. This mode is locked at 30fps in order to present the game at the elevated resolution. The other option, Favor Performance, allows the game to run at a higher framerate. It’s not explicitly detailed exactly what the increased framerate is, but it definitely makes the action a lot smoother.

It ultimately comes down to personal preference whether you want to either improve the resolution, or have the game run more smoothly. Given that the game is pretty action-packed though, we’d recommend the performance option.

So there you have it, God of War is indeed PS4 Pro compatible, offering a variety of options to make use of Sony’s most powerful console. For more on God of war, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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