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God of War: All Lost & Found Collectible Toy Locations


God of War: All Lost & Found Collectible Toy Locations

Where All Lost & Found Collectible Toy Locations Are in God of War

God of War‘s semi open-world structure means there are plenty of different activities to keep you busy as your journey unfolds. One such distraction is the Lost & Found collectible toys, which are a set of artifacts tucked away in the environment. There are four toys in total, which are all located in the Wildwoods section — the starting area in God of War. Once you’ve found all four, you’ll have completed the set and will be rewarded with valuable experience points. The toys can actually also be sold off at the item shop.

The Lost & Found Toys are pretty easy to miss in God of War’s opening area, though, so we’ve compiled a quick list of each location to point you in the right direction.

All Lost & Found Collectible Toy Locations in God of War

  • The first of the Lost & Found Collectible toy locations is found near the house in the southeastern part of the map. As you enter the valley from the north, turn left immediately. You’ll spot the toy on the ground nearby.
  • The second is in front of a stone staircase that can be located by following the corridor north from the house. It’s a small wooden model boat.
  • The third Lost & Found Collectible toy is hidden in the ravine in the northeast of the area. Climb down, but beware of the wolf that patrols here. Once you’ve taken it out, you should find a horse doll under the fallen tree which leaning against a rock.
  • You’ll come across the final of the Lost & Found Collectible toy locations when you reach the room with the gate you need to open and freeze. When you clear the enemies, turn around, and you’ll see a massive wooden door. Through the door and to the right there’s a toy on the ground.

That’s all you need to know about where all the Lost and Found Collectible toy locations are in God of War. For more useful guides and tips, check out our God of War wiki page.

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