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5 Games Like Soma If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like Soma If You’re Looking for Something Similar


Games like Soma If You’re Looking for Something Similar

While Outlast focuses more on jump scares than Soma, its narrative keeps the player pushing forward through the daunting halls of this insane asylum. Outlast capitalizes on both frightening enemies, and atmospheric horror. Both Soma and Outlast leave the player feeling alone, and like the enemy has the home field advantage. Outlast however, chooses to focus more on blood and gore, showcasing some truly horrific, and graphic material. Trying to uncover the mysterious events that have taken place in the world of Outlast will keep players moving from one gruesome scene to the next, until they finally discover what exactly is going on there.

Your adrenaline will be pumping as you try to navigate tight corridors with nothing but the night vision from a camcorder, while the enemy is surely right over your shoulder. Putting pressure on the player to constantly trying to sneak around and hide in lockers, under a bed, or even just behind a door. Outlast’s atmosphere, compelling narrative, and interesting characters, make it a good pick for any fan of Soma.

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