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6 Games Like Rust If You’re Looking for Something Similar


6 Games Like Rust If You’re Looking for Something Similar



Games Like Rust If You’re Looking for Something Similar

online fortnite

If you’re talking about straight up PvP madness, Fortnite is the obvious choice. Its popularity is unfathomable at the moment, and it seems like everyone and their dog is just itching to jump into the fray. Even trend-loving Drake is a fan, though with his track record, we wouldn’t be surprised if he jumps ship to something else when the hype dies down.

Because it doesn’t strive to be a jack-of-all-trades like Rust, Fortnite excels in the one department it focuses on. Battles are intense, frantic and oftentimes hilarious, and the unique system of building structures on the fly makes each skirmish completely unlike any you’ve had before. The best players seamlessly combine expert marksmanship with artisan-level construction, and it’s beautiful to watch.

If you’re after a more cooperative experience, the less ballyhooed Save the World mode pits you and three companions against the chaos of the apocalypse. Work together to fend off waves of monsters, manage resources and protect the weak and vulnerable. Each character has their specific role to play, and only those capable of utilizing their skills correctly will survive. Considering the more sustained gameplay length when compared to Battle Royale’s quick sessions, this mode is more in line with what Rust has on offer.

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