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Frostpunk: How to Build Streets


Frostpunk: How to Build Streets

How to Build Streets in Frostpunk

Your primary objective in Frostpunk is to build a new city from scratch and manage it properly while keeping your people happy. Throughout the course of the game, you’ll be building new structures and putting your people to work. However, in order to be efficient, you’ll need one basic tool: streets for your people to walk along. Here’s how to build streets in Frostpunk.

Without streets in Frostpunk, your civilians will have to dig through snow to get to the resource piles they’re supposed to mine, and some buildings may not even be accessible because they’re not connected to the main generator at all. It’s extremely important to build streets that connect your buildings to the generator so that they can function properly, and your civilians will be able to get to their designated workplaces faster.

To build a street in Frostpunk, simply click on the construction icon in the bottom left of the screen. Instead of clicking on the various tabs like you normally would if you wanted to construct a building, look for a smaller icon at the bottom of the menu. The icon itself is made up of a series of small lines, making it look like part of a pavement.

Once you click it, you’ll be able to drag your cursor across the screen to indicate where you want to build your streets. Click on the spot you want your street to end, and construction will begin immediately. This will allow you to connect buildings together, and also pave new roads in the city. Streets can also be dismantled within the construction menu if the need arises.

That’s how you build streets in Frostpunk! Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Frostpunk. If you’re looking for more help on the game, though, leave us a comment down below and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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