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Far Cry 5: All Eagle Locations


Far Cry 5: All Eagle Locations

For the birds.

All Eagle Locations in Far Cry 5

The bald eagle is an American symbol of honor and pride, but more specifically, a valuable commodity that can be hunted and harvested in Far Cry 5 for some serious cash. The only drawback is that they are quite rare, making them a sporadic source of income. For this reason, knowing how, where and when to track them can prove incredibly lucrative.

The primary spot for eagle hunting is surrounding Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Field – specifically, in the hills south of that area. They are well known to be found in the skies as they survey the territory for prey, and may venture north closer to the pumpkin field itself on occasion. Keep in mind that they will gladly swoop down on you if provoked in Far Cry 5, and can be hard to take down if you’re unprepared, so have your trigger finger at the ready and keep the bird in your sights. If you need a specific landmark to work with, locate Robert’s Cabin and work your way up the hill from there.

If you’re coming up dry on your eagle hunt in Far Cry 5, you can head a ways up north towards Snowshoe Lake, an area teeming with hostile wildlife for you to throw down with. This is another known eagle location in Far Cry 5, however, if you’re hoping for something closer, crossing the bridge to Faith’s Region can also reveal an eagle hangout. Work your way east, towards the foot of Angel’s Peak, and keep your eyes on the skies to see if the bird is hovering overhead. Hopefully, you’ll find it before it finds you.

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