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5 Essential Tips To Know Before Starting God of War


5 Essential Tips To Know Before Starting God of War

Don’t Sweat Over Blocked Paths

5 Things You Need to Know About God of War

God of War isn’t an open-world game, but it certainly isn’t linear either. There’s plenty of room to go off the beaten track and away from main objectives, with other areas providing points of interest to explore, hidden items to collect, and a fair share of side quests to complete.

From the earliest sections of the game, you’ll run into plenty of paths that are blocked, chests covered by branches, and even doors locked by ice panels. It’s tempting to get carried away looking for a solution to these obstacles as they seem as though they’re blocking progress to an area you might believe to be important at the time. In our first play-through, we were so convinced that we’d somehow missed something obvious that we wasted hours looking a solution. Don’t make the same mistake. The general rule of thumb in God of War is that if something isn’t accessible, it’s because you haven’t reached a stage in the game where you’re supposed to be able to unlock it. It’s highly unlikely to be as a result of something you’ve done wrong.

Later in the game, it will become obvious how to reach these blocked objectives, and it typically relates to something that’s occurred in the story, be it a new item or ability. And if you’re worried that you’ve missed something along the way, bear in mind that God of War allows you to return to every location to pick up collectables.

Handy tip: aiming Kratos’ axe at objects that are breakable or significant will change the icon. If you’re stuck, this often provides a useful bit of direction as to what you’re supposed to do next.

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