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How Old Sonic the Hedgehog Is


How Old Sonic the Hedgehog Is

How Old Is Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the OG heroes of gaming. Starting way back in June of 1991 with the original Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Mega Drive, the blue blur has become of a staple of video games and is among the medium’s most recognizable characters. Certainly one of the most recognizable characters that’s not from Nintendo. He has appeared in a ton of games both “main line” and spin-offs as well ranging from the popular like SEGA and All Stars Racing, and the not-as-popular games, like Sonic Shuffle. He’s also been turned into a “were-hog” and has smooched human princesses. It’s been a wild ride over the last 25+ years to say the least. 2018 was a typical year for him, releasing one game, Sonic Mania, to critical acclaim, while the other Sonic Forces, was maligned by most.

Whether you realized it or not though, Sonic actually has an age. And no, not an age determined by the release of his first game. An actual canonical age.

He is officially 15 years old. This has been confirmed through his official page on the Japanese SEGA website. So, he’s not old enough to drink quite yet, but he’s also not a baby either. It’s been a stressful 15 years for him considering he’s spent most of it battling Dr. Eggman, and thwarting his attempts to take over the world.

Here’s to another 15 years of running around at the speed of sound. Unless, of course, he pulls an Ash Ketchum and just stays at the same age forever. That actually might be for the best because hedgehogs generally only live to be around five years old. He’s defied the odds already, let’s try not to push the envelope any further, alright, SEGA? For more guides and FAQs answered, be sure to visit Twinfinite.

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