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Slay the Spire: How to Win as the Silent


Slay the Spire: How to Win as the Silent

How to Win as the Silent in Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire’s gameplay blends roguelike RPG runs with a card deck combat system. Using different heroes, players work their way up the Spire, taking on demons, vampires, and fiends along the way. Each hero has different attributes and abilities, and you’ll need to learn how to play to their strengths if you’re going to win streak your way up the Spire. The Silent is one such hero, and you might have experienced just how hard she is to master given her lack of healing and blocking abilities. But there’s a way to turn her into a devastating hero if you know what you’re doing.

To win as the Silent in Slay the Spire, you’ll need to start thinking much more defensively than you would playing a hero such as Ironclad. Since the Silent isn’t plush with healing options, battles are better won by trying to cause passive damage while defending, or simply by attacking when absolutely safe. Cards such as backflip, escape plan, deflect, and blur are very effective when using the Silent in Slay the Spire. One should also include as many Footwork cards as possible to increase dexterity. Additionally, since we recommend only including strong cards in your deck when playing the Silent (discard lesser cards you might normally keep with you), having Well-Laid Plans to help control the tempo of play and ensure you’ve got the right cards up your sleeve for the next turn is crucial.

As for offense, the best attack cards to use are Terror, Dagger Throw, Quick Slash, Flying Knee, and Die Die Die. Poison builds also work extremely well for the Silent in our experience. Noxious Fumes and Catalyst are good attacks to base this aspect of your deck around.

Importantly with the Silent, when tackling each level, a good rule of thumb to follow is Elites > Campfires > Question Marks > Regular Fights. Elites will drop the relics that will prove decisive in your run, and campfires are handy upgrade stops.

Another pointer to keep in mind when playing the Silent is that card draw is more important than energy gain – cards such as backflip, Acrobatics, Burst, Well-Laid Plans, Predator are your main priority.

Those tips should give you a fairly decent idea of how to win as the Silent in Slay the Spire. For more guides on the game, search for Twinfinite.

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