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Sea of Thieves: How to Start a Raid


Sea of Thieves: How to Start a Raid

How to Start a Raid in Sea of Thieves

Nowadays, raids are staple features in most multiplayer action-adventure games, and Sea of Thieves is no exception. If you’re feeling particularly confident, you and your friends can take on these special missions that come with some valuable rewards. That said, some players might be wondering how they can start a raid in the game.

During your travels, you’ll occasionally find a menacing skull cloud with red and green eyes looming over the open seas. Once you find it, drop everything and start sailing towards it, which will eventually lead you to either an island or a fort. This is where the raid truly begins as you’ll have to fight waves of skeletons, including their shadow and gold variants.

Once you’ve managed to clear through a wave of enemies, a large horn will pierce the sky, signaling a wave of new enemies. After cutting through enough foes, the main boss will finally appear. It will drop a key once it’s killed, which you can then use to open a nearby treasure room and claim your hard-earned loot. Just remember to save once you’ve taken everything so you won’t have to go skull hunting again.

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