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Sea of Thieves: How to Get Gold Fast


Sea of Thieves: How to Get Gold Fast

How to Get Gold Fast in Sea of Thieves

Pirates have always thrived on gold, and it’s no different in Sea of Thieves. You’ll always be earning gold after every voyage, especially when you cash in your precious chests in an outpost. Needless to say, you’ll need the money to buy the essentials, including items, weapons, clothes, and even ship upgrades. That said, some fans might be wondering how they can rake up some fast cash.

If you’re looking to fill your pockets early on, you can try taking on some of the Order of Souls missions. These voyages usually revolve around traveling to a certain island and fighting the big boss. Once it’s dead, you can cash in its head for a hefty sum. Each head costs around a couple hundred gold coins, which should be more than the typical quests in the game.

Later on in the game, you can start doing raids with your friends instead. These special quests can score you some fast cash, especially if you’re playing with friends. However, raids can be pretty rare, so you’ll have to keep your eyes open when you see it. During these missions, you’ll have to clear through waves of enemies until you finally kill the boss, which will give you a key to a stronghold containing lots of loot. If you can get away with the whole haul, you can make at least 10,000 gold. It’s worth pointing out that raids are a step up from your average Order of Souls voyages, so make sure to bring other players with you if you’re planning on trying this method.

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