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Ni No Kuni 2: Where All Dreamer’s Maze Locations Are


Ni No Kuni 2: Where All Dreamer’s Maze Locations Are

Where All The Dreamer’s Maze Locations Are in Ni No Kuni 2

Ni No Kuni 2 is plush with a huge amount of content for players to enjoy, ranging from strategy sim-style kingdom building to all battling all manner of different monsters. There’s also higher-tier difficulty “tainted” monsters to hunt, as well as a special dungeon crawling feature called the Dreamer’s Maze. This is actually a side-quest that you’ll unlock early in the game as you try to convince Auntie Martha to join Evermore.

A young lady called Mileniyah will gift you the keys to 9 mysterious doors around the world, which each contain a special dream fragment. Mileniyah will join Evan’s cause at back Evermore if you’re able to obtain all 9 dream fragments. Beyond recruiting a capable citizen, the Dreamer’s Maze’s are worth doing for the ton of rare weapons, items, and resources you’ll find along the way. But locating these special doors isn’t easy – they are hidden away in various caves and forests around Ni No Kuni. Here, we’re giving their location to make completing the side quest a little easier.

  • Grotty Grotto – East of Auntie Martha’s Cottage in the Rolling Hills region.
  • Sundown Woods – East of the Forest of Nial in the Wiggly Way region.
  • Eert Grove – A wooded area north-east of Goldpaw in the Calm Lands region.
  • Tidewash Cave – Directly south of Goldpaw in the Cosy Cove region.
  • Shrine of Pining – Shrine on Makronas Island, east of Hydropolis.
  • Blowtorch Cave – A cavern on the tip of the Dry Lands region, directly across the water from the Junkyard Mire (Broadleaf).
  • Sublime Shrine – A shrine north-east of Broadleaf.
  • Crooked Cavern – East of the Sky Pirates’ base, right where it reads “Farflung Cape”.
  • Shivery Shrine – Northern side of the frozen

Upon completing all 9 Dreamer’s Maze’s, the quest will direct you to Goldpaw Library. Here, you’ll be given a key to a final door. The location of this door is:

  • Faraway Forest – Forest on Faraway Island, an island directly east of Junkyard Mire (Broadleaf).

That’s every Dreamer’s Maze location we’ve found so far, which help you on your way to getting all 9 dream fragments. For more useful Ni No Kuni 2 guides, be sure to check out our wiki page.

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