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Is Sea of Thieves Coming to PS4?


Is Sea of Thieves Coming to PS4?

Is Sea of Thieves Coming to PS4?

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate adventure game in which groups of friends team up to explore the seven seas, sing sea shanties and get drunk on grog. Developed by Rare, who have previously worked on games like Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye 64 and Donkey Kong Country, the game features a world filled with treasure to collect, enemies to slay, and guilds to impress. Given how much fun sailing a huge pirate ship with your friends is, many gamers have been wondering if Sea of Thieves will make its way to PlayStation 4 anytime soon.

Unfortunately, a PS4 release seems highly unlikely to say the least. The team behind the game, Rare, are traditionally Xbox focused and are even owned by Microsoft, having been acquired back in 2002. This means that, despite releasing on PC, Sea of Thieves probably isn’t coming to PlayStation platforms. It seems that the game is somewhat of a flagship (get it?) title for Microsoft, so they are likely to be protective over the IP.

PC players are luckier though, as the game is available through Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative which puts the majority of first-party Xbox games onto the platform. Sea of Thieves is also available free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, which offers up Xbox exclusives for subscribers on day one of launch. Players will be able to play with their friends on either platform, however, as the game features cross-platform play between the two.

So bad news for PlayStation fans, the game is probably never going to arrive on the platform, and in the very small chance that it does, it’ll be a long while yet. Sea of Thieves released March 20 for Xbox One and PC.

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