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Far Cry 5: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Far Cry 5: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Nab All the Radio Calls on Your Map

Far Cry 5 Beginner Tips

At the start of Far Cry 5, Dutch will have you take a look at your map and advise you to head westward, to John Seed’s region. However, along the way you might notice a few NPC icons on the map with radio calls that play when you hover over them. These are definitely worth doing once you reach Fall’s End, and before you start tackling the main story stuff.

Each of these radio calls will unlock a new companion who can accompany you on your journey. In John’s region, you’ll find Boomer the best doggo, Nick Rye, and Grace. Boomer can scout out enemies and mark them for you, Nick can call in an air strike, and Grace provides sniper support. They’ll make your life a lot easier as you tackle the harder missions, so unlock them and finish their quests as soon as you can.

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