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Far Cry 5: Best Perks (Skills) You Should Get First


Far Cry 5: Best Perks (Skills) You Should Get First


Best Perks (Skills) You Should Get First in Far Cry 5

The parachute may sound like one of the most simple and boring perks or skills to unlock in Far Cry 5, but it will come in pretty darn handy, especially when you start using the aircraft in the game a little bit more.

While the parachute can be used by simply jumping from a tall place, it’ll also save your bacon an absolute ton when you’re needing to use planes or helicopters to take down vehicles, structures, or swathes of Eden’s Gate cultists. If you come under fire and need to bail out quickly, you can rest assured that you’ve got a parachute to get you safely back on the ground. It only costs one skill point, too, so it won’t break the bank.

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