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Every Far Cry 5 Animal Ranked on How Easily They Could Kill You


Every Far Cry 5 Animal Ranked on How Easily They Could Kill You

It’s that time again. That special time that comes every couple of years, when we are thrown head first into a brutal open-world filled with enigmatic villains and furious wildlife, hellbent on murdering us as promptly as possible. Far Cry 5 is finally upon us (you can check out our review here), bringing with it a surprising relocation to rural America, a blood-thirsty cult, and a diabetic grizzly bear named Cheeseburger. The Far Cry series has always been a dangerous one to inhabit, what with the way fire seems to have a mind of its own and the fact that nothing is ever quite what it seems initially. There are always staples though, including the boosted aggression of each game’s endemic wildlife. Far Cry 5 is no different, featuring a variety of different species native to Montana. And while not everything will try to murder you, a significant proportion of the animals will. So in celebration of the new Far Cry game, we’ve ranked every animal (ones that are capable of attacking you that is) on how easily they could kill you. Giddy up.

Honorable Mention: The Mighty Skunk

Every Far Cry 5 Animal Ranked on How Easily They Could Kill You

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From what I’ve experienced with these stinky little fellows, they can’t kill you. This of course takes it out of the running for the deadliest animal, but it’s worth a nod nonetheless for its ability to passively get you killed. Time after time I’ve found myself in a gun fight, comfortably picking off cult members like fish in a barrel when a skunk will run up to me, spray me in the face then leave. This causes my vision to distort, which is often enough to let the enemy gain the upper hand.

These things seem to be everywhere, seeking you out with the sole purpose of raining on your parade. As a result, the skunk takes the crown as being far and away the most annoying of Far Cry 5’s animals, somehow being simultaneously harmless and deadly.

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