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Bloodborne: What the Best Weapons & Guns Are


Bloodborne: What the Best Weapons & Guns Are

Best Weapons in Bloodborne

Bloodborne’s weapon variety isn’t as impressive as From Software’s past Souls games, but they’re all packed with different trick weapon move sets and stat affinities, so you’ll still have to think carefully before choosing a main. Depending on your character build, there will be different weapons to choose from. We’ve broken down the best weapons in Bloodborne, based on their stat scaling.

Best Strength Weapons in Bloodborne

If you’re rocking a Strength build in Bloodborne, you’re in luck. There are a ton of Strength weapons to choose from in the game. While the Hunter’s Axe (and basically any weapon for that matter) could carry you to the end of the game, you’ll want to get your hands on Ludwig’s Holy Blade as soon as you can. It switches between a fast straight sword and a heavy sword, giving you the versatility you need.

If you have access to the Old Hunters DLC, the Whirligig Saw boasts a fantastic move set that deals a ton of DPS. The Beast Cutter is another great choice if you like some range with your attacks.

Best Skill Weapons in Bloodborne

Skill builds are more focused on speed than anything else. The Threaded Cane is one of my personal favorites because it deals both holy and serrated damage, depending on which form it’s in. It’s also good for dealing with multiple enemies at once, though the raw damage output is a little lower.

The Bladed of Mercy is widely considered to be the holy grail of Skill weapons as well, primarily because of how fast it is. It’s also got an A-rating in Skill scaling, so it’ll greatly outclass the Threaded Cane once you get your hands on it.

Lastly, the Rakuyo is another badass dual-wielding weapon you can get in Bloodborne’s Old Hunters DLC with good Skill scaling. It has a spin to win move set, though you will have to brave the wrath of two dangerous fish men if you want it.

Best Bloodtinge Weapons in Bloodborne

If you really want to be edgy, you could try going for a Bloodtinge build in Bloodborne, though we highly recommend leveling up Skill along with it. The Rifle Spear and Reiterpallasch are decent, but no other weapon in the game even comes close to the Chikage for Bloodtinge builds.

Because of niche Bloodtinge is, though, it’s usually best to pair up the Chikage with another Skill weapon like the Rakuyo or Simon’s Bowblade.

Don’t forget that Bloodtinge also affects your gun damage, and the Evelyn is definitely the best gun in the game at the moment.

Best Arcane Weapons in Bloodborne

In the base game itself, the Tonitrus is probably the best weapon for you if you’re looking to go Arcane. The Tonitrus has great Bolt damage, which comes in extremely useful for bosses with that elemental weakness.

The Kos Parasite is another good choice, and the Holy Moonlight Sword (only one of the coolest-looking weapons in Bloodborne) is wonderful for quality builds. If you’re planning on going full Arcane, you’ll need to make use of Hunter Tools like A Call Beyond and Augur to really maximize your damage potential. You can also grind for powerful gems in the Chalice Dungeons, but know that you’ll most likely need more than just the weapons themselves to get the most out of your Arcane build.

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