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10 Best Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far


10 Best Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs We’ve Found So Far

Don’t Press X to Start the Game

Best Easter Eggs in Far Cry 5

The beginning of Far Cry 5 almost sounds like the setup to a joke: the player character, a U.S. Marshall, and the local sheriff walk into a villainous cult’s base of operations, approach the leader Seed, and the player presses X to arrest him. No, that last part is not a reference to the infamous “press X to pay respects” meme; players literally have to press a button to arrest Seed. Then, the player walks Seed to a helicopter, his most zealous followers sacrifice their lives to stop it, and everything comes crashing down.

But, what happens if players don’t press X? The same thing that happens if the player listens to Pagan Min at the beginning of Far Cry 4 and wait around for fifteen minutes: an alternate ending plays out and the game ends on a (kinda) positive note. You’ve got to love Easter Eggs that reward players for going against the grain and not pressing button prompts.

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