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5 Best Switch Kids Games of February 2018


5 Best Switch Kids Games of February 2018

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BEST SWITCH KIDS GAMES OF FEBRUARYdragon quest builders, switch games

Dragon Quest Builders is Square Enix’s answer to taking a piece of the Minecraft pie that’s been selling extremely well for the past seven years or so. Builders takes the world of Dragon Quest and throws in the concept of creation with light RPG elements that the old-school series is known for.

Being hailed as the creator of all things, it’s up to you to to help the townspeople and bring the land from ruin, rebuilding everything and bringing the world back to its former glory. It’s great for the little ones that enjoy the passive nature that Minecraft has to offer, but might be looking for something the goes a little bit deeper. Dragon Quest Builders might be one of the best ways to get a child into the RPG genre without confusing them with extensive lore and battle mechanics.

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