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PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win February?


PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win February?



PS Plus subscribers have some awesome free content to take advantage of this February across all three of its different hardware offerings. The headline titles for current generation are PS4 launch platformer Knack, and indie puzzle adventure game RiME.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Knack has drawn plenty of criticism over the years. Developed by Sony’s Japan Studio, Knack has some innovative gameplay mechanics in the form of his shapeshifting abilities, but it didn’t quite deliver the sort of groundbreaking experience required to make a splash in a genre as old as the hills. That being said, there’s still some entertainment and novelty to be had here, and it’s exactly the sort of title you’re likely to have wanted to try but not pay full price for. Quite why it’s taken so long to come as a free PS Plus title we’re not sure, and it would have made more sense to hit the Instant Games Collection library before the sequel launched late last year? Regardless, better late than never!

If you’re not in the mood for the whimsical action platforming of Knack, RiME offers a completely different sort of experience. The tranquil adventure game from Spanish developer Tequila Works is a gorgeous blend of Wind Waker-esque graphics and brain-teasing puzzle gameplay. It details the story of a boy washed up on the beaches of a serene island setting. With a small fox companion to help out, players guide the boy through the island’s many puzzles and secrets.

We alluded to highlights across all of Sony’s supported consoles, and that comes in the form of Grand Kingdom for owners of PS Vita. The strategic turn-based RPG was a real highlight when it came to the portable back in 2016. Thanks to cross-buy, Grand Kingdom can be downloaded on PS4, too.

Elsewhere, those sticking to their PS3 consoles can enjoy Spelunker HD, a remaster of the well-known 80s arcade title. It’s hardly an acclaimed title, but is absolutely still worth the download, if only for the four-player multiplayer. There’s also Mugen Souls Z, which is a rather bizarre part visual novel, part role-playing experience about a group of raunchy females that cruise the galaxy in a huge castle dreadnought.

Unfortunately, there’s no free content for PSVR owners in February.

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