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Metal Gear Survive: How to Invite and Play With Friends


Metal Gear Survive: How to Invite and Play With Friends

Inviting and Playing With Friends in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive is a brand new zombie co-op shooter game from Konami, and it allows you to play with up to three other players to complete objectives and shoot a few enemies. There’s a co-op mode in the game, as well as a single-player story campaign. However, do be aware that the campaign does not have any co-op support, which means that it can only be experienced alone.

To play the co-op mode, simply choose the Co-op option from the main menu. This will bring you to the Staging Area, where you’ll get to choose your missions and customize your loadouts. To invite friends to your session, bring up the menu and press the left bumper button to go to the Social tab. You’ll see your full friends list in the middle, indicating to you which of your friends are online, and who’s playing the game. Select the friend you want to invite to your game, and choose the Invitation option to send them an invite. If they’re in the Staging Area as well, you can also choose the ‘Join’ option to join their game session instead.

Once you’re in the same session, the host can select a mission and a party can embark together.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Metal Gear Survive.

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