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Metal Gear Survive: How to Cure Hunger


Metal Gear Survive: How to Cure Hunger

How to Cure Hunger in Metal Gear Survive

The survival elements of Metal Gear Survive are a pretty prominent part of the overall experience. While you’ll shoot plenty of zombies in the head, and craft plenty of items and obstructions to help you emerge victorious from the undead horde, you’ll also need to manage things like thirst, hunger, and stamina bars. Here’s how to cure hunger in Metal Gear Survive.

Hunger can be remedied in the game just as it is in real life. Simply get your character to chow down on some food and your avatar will be sufficiently replenished. You’ll want to make sure that you eat cooked food in Metal Gear Survive to keep that percentage up. If you let the percentage begin to drop, it’ll start digging into the maximum value of your health gauge. As such, managing both thirst and hunger in Metal Gear Survive should be one of your top priorities while you’re out taking care of the undead. Eating raw food can make you sick, which brings its fair share of issues, so let’s make sure to avoid that.

To eat food in the game, press the touchpad on PS4, or Views button on Xbox One, to bring up your menu and choose the Inventory option under the Personal tab. Select the food that you want to consume, then hold the X button on PS4 or A on Xbox One to get that grub down you.

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