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Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Good Thief Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: The Good Thief Quest Guide

The Good Thief Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is absolutely rife with sidequests and extra things to do while you venture through the Kingdom of Bohemia. The Good Thief is a quest that might be of particular interest to you if you’re looking for a way to unload all of your stolen goods in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Completing the quest will allow you to sell stolen goods to a particular NPC, and it will also raise your popularity in the Rattay Mill area.

To start The Good Thief quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, you first need to go talk to Miller Peshek at Rattay Mill. He’s the man that took you in after the Homecoming quest, so go talk to him and agree to help, instead of paying him off. You’ll first need to find a spade, which is easier said than done as the game doesn’t place a quest marker. You’ll want to look around the center of the village, and keep an eye out for an open-sided barn holding a bunch of logs. Just to the side of the barn, you’ll find the spade stuck in the ground, directly in front of a wooden cart.

Now proceed to the quest marker on Gallow Hill, and to the left of the wooden platform, you’ll find a grave you can dig up. Obviously, you won’t find a ring in the grave, so your next task for The Good Thief quest will be to return to Peshek. If you find yourself having trouble jumping out of the hole after digging it up, it’s because you have too much inventory weight. If this is the case, simply drop a few items to get yourself out.

After talking to Peshek you’ll find out that the executioner must have stolen it, and you’ll be given a lockpick tutorial as well as a few lockpicks. It’s a good idea to save at this point in case you end up breaking your lockpicks, and need to retry. You can also check out our lockpicking guide should you need a hand, too!

Now you’ll need to head to the Executioner’s house which is in the same location you dug up the grave, Gallow Hills. There are two crates to lockpick in his house, but the trick is you’ll need to do it without being seen by the Executioner. There’re a few options on how to do this, however. First off you can simply talk to the Executioner, and if your speech skill is high enough you can convince him that he owes half a sack of corn to the miller, which will cause him to leave right away. Alternatively, you can lure him outside by making noise and then sneaking in, or you can simply sneak in while he’s sitting outside or in the room on the right side.

Check the crate in the left room with the beds first, and if it’s not in there then check the crate in the middle room. Once you have it, proceed back to Peshek once again. Now you’ll unlock the ability to sell stolen goods to him, get the chance to do the pickpocket tutorial, and your debt with Peshek will be cleared. Finally, your last step of The Good Thief quest will be to take the ring to a friend of Peshek’s in a nearby town. We won’t spoil the end of the quest, but just proceed to the marker and you’ll complete The Good Thief.

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