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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Do Special Attacks


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Do Special Attacks

How to Use Special Attacks in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 changes up the series a whole bunch. You’re still going to be fighting wave after wave of enemies, though. War… war never changes. However, what definitely has changed is how you can perform awesome attacks. While the basic combos are still the same (designated to either Square or Triangle on PS4, or X and Y on Xbox One), and you definitely still have a power attack with a musou, there’s a whole new set of commands for special attacks. Here’s how to do them.

Now, if you want to do an attack that launches enemies in the air, you’re going to want to either hold R1 and press Triangle if you’re on PS4, or hold RB and press Y if you’re on Xbox One. This is called a Launch in Dynasty Warriors 9.

If what you want to do special attacks that stun them, you’re going to hold R1 and press Square on PS4, or hold RB and press X on Xbox One. This one’s a Stun.

When you want to do special attacks that slam people right down to the ground, you need to hold R1 and press X on PS4, or RB and A on Xbox One. The name for this one is a Knock-Down.

Finally, when you want to do the even crazier special attacks, you can hold R1 and press Circle on PS4, or R1 and press B on Xbox One for a Special. This has a cooldown as it’s powerful. It’s like the musou version of these combos in Dynasty Warriors 9.

Keep in mind that these attacks are really good for stringing together some combos. You can jump from the end of one of them right into a Square/Triangle or X/Y combination to really keep your enemy from recovering.

That’s all you need to know to pull off special attacks in Dynasty Warriors 9. For more on Dynasty Warriors 9, check out our wiki.

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