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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Get a New Horse


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Get a New Horse

How to Get a New Horse in Dynasty Warriors 9

Since Dynasty Warriors 9 changes up the game and opens up the world to players, you can expect to do a whole lot of traveling around. Your trusty horse, though, will help you get to places faster than you would walking. Even though the game has fast travel, there are still going to be plenty of times when you won’t be able to do that. If you’re sick of the default horse you’re given from the beginning of Dynasty Warriors 9 and have some money to spare, you can certainly buy yourself a new horse. Here’s how to do that.

Head over to any major city and you’ll find the stables and a stable master. Speak to them and you’ll be able to buy new horses. Each one will have different traits and varying speeds. The more expensive, the better. Once you buy one, talk to the stable master again and select the “Stables” option this time. Select the horse you bought and that will be your new default horse.

Keep in mind that you can level up your steed by riding them a bunch and attacking enemies while doing so. The more you level them up, the more you’ll be able to get when you decide to sell them.

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