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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Get Furniture For Your Hideaway


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Get Furniture For Your Hideaway

How to Get Furniture in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 isn’t just about defeating an onslaught of enemies in feudal China; there’s a bunch of surprisingly everyday tasks you can do, too. Within the game, you’ll be able to buy houses – or hideaways as they’re called – and furnish them with all sorts of furniture. These will range from simple aesthetic to actually useful additions.

When you’re ready to get yourself some furniture in Dynasty Warriors 9, head over to any major city and locate the Trader or Coin Collector. Both will sell you different kinds of things to populate your humble little home. They’ll range in rarity and provide different boosts. Keep in mind that each city’s trader will have different items to sell, so you’ll find unique furniture in different parts of China.

Some useful additions are stoves (let you cook), pots (let you craft), storage chests (officers will send you gifts or letters), and more. The bed that comes with your house is great because it allows you to advance time and recover your health.

That’s all there is to buying furniture in Dynasty Warriors 9! Be sure to leave a comment down below if you need any more help within the game.

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