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Monster Hunter World: What the Install Size Is


Monster Hunter World: What the Install Size Is

What the Install Size Is For Monster Hunter World

It’s 2018, and this year’s roster of major video games releases is set to kick off properly tomorrow with the release of Capcom’s Monster Hunter World. Players take on the role of a hunter as they slay countless monsters of different shapes and sizes in open world environments larger than the series has seen before. With all of this content packed into the game and a fairly lengthy story to make your way through, some players may be wondering what the install size is on PS4 and Xbox One.

Our install for Monster Hunter World on PS4 weighs in at just a tiny bit over 15 GB, which is very manageable compared to other open world games that have released this generation.

According to Monster Hunter World’s Xbox One Store listing, the approximate install size on Microsoft’s system comes in slightly lower at 13.62 GB. Though, it’s worth noting that these install sizes may get larger over time with future updates or enhancements to the core game.

And that’s all there is you need to know about the install size for Monster Hunter World on PS4 and Xbox One. We’ve got plenty more tips, tricks, and handy guides for the game, so be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki, too.

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