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Monster Hunter World: How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor


Monster Hunter World: How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor

Gear up for the bigger challenges.

How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor in Monster Hunter World

As you progress through the quests in Monster Hunter World, your foes will get tougher and you’ll need to strengthen your equipment if you want to keep up with them. This is where the Smithy comes in. This NPC can be found in the resource center, on the highest level of the area, and he’ll upgrade your gear for you. You can also take the lift to the Workshop area to find him more easily.

Talk to the Smithy to bring up a few options such as forging equipment, upgrading equipment, and more. Select the upgrade option and choose the weapons you want to improve. Upgrading your weapons requires you to hand over monster parts, and you can view the list of materials needed by using the analog stick to highlight the next upgrade tier. If you have enough materials, hand them over, and the smithy will get it done.

Armor is a little different. You’ll need Armor Spheres in order to upgrade them, and these can be obtained by completing various quests and expeditions. The first few armor levels can be increased with just one Armor Sphere, but higher levels will require you to give up more.

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