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Monster Hunter World: How to Trap and Capture Monsters


Monster Hunter World: How to Trap and Capture Monsters

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How to Trap and Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter World

While most of the quests in Monster Hunter World will task you with hunting and killing wild beasts, you will eventually run into missions where you have to trap and capture them alive. This can be quite a bit harder than just simply killing them, as you’ll need to be more prepared.

First off, a capture mission will stock up the supply box at camp with all the tools you need. Before you go off on the hunt, be sure to check the supply box for your tools, and spread them out among your teammates if you’re playing in Monster Hunter World’s multiplayer. When you encounter your mark, you’ll want to damage the monster enough until it starts limping and tries to run away from you. Chase after the monster until it stops or goes back to its camp. Before it has a chance to rest up, cycle through your inventory using left and right on the d-pad to use one of your Shock traps on it. Do note that you’ll need to be a bit closer to the monster before using the trap to paralyze it.

Once the monster is immobilized, equip the Tranq bombs from your inventory and start lobbing them at the monster. If the monster is weak enough when immobilized, a Tranq bomb will put it to sleep and secure the capture.

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