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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Potions


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Potions

How to Get Potions in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World gives you massive open world-like areas to explore, filled with the typical horde of dangerous monsters to make your way around. While you’re out exploring, gathering items, and hunting, you’ll no doubt be doing plenty of combat. This means that your health is certainly going to take a beating and you’ll want the ability to restore it when you can. Luckily, you have access to potions for just that kind of instance.

When you have potions in Monster Hunter World simply hit L1 and select the item to use it and restore your health. When you’re on a quest, the supply box will usually provide you with a few first aid meds and other healing items. You can also craft potions yourself by harvesting herbs in the open world; two herbs are required to create a potion, and you’ll need a potion and some honey to create a mega-potion. Later on in the game, you’ll be able to cultivate herbs at the resource center, or just buy potions from the provisions supplier at the tradeyard for a small amount of zenny.

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