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Monster Hunter World: How to Play as Aloy


Monster Hunter World: How to Play as Aloy


Monster Hunter World sees players gear up and venture on quests to hunt for enormous beasts, scavenging resources from their carcasses and crafting even stronger armor and weapons as they go. The parallels with Sony’s hugely successful Horizon Zero Dawn are plain to see, and in a collaboration that is sure to excite fans of both games, Monster Hunter players can dress as Horizon Zero Dawn’s protagonist, Aloy.

To obtain the Aloy armor set, you’ll need to take on a quest called “The Proving,” which is a timed event that begins on Feb. 28. Before taking on The Proving, you’ll need to be at least rank 11. The actual quest involves taking on a Giant Anjanath, but we don’t know too much beyond that.

Bear in mind that the armor doesn’t just drop already complete. You have to craft it like any other set, using materials gained from that quest. You’ll get those as a reward, and they can only be used to craft the Palico Watcher Set and the weapon Felyne Watcher Grinder.

You’ll have to wear the full set of armor if you want to play as Aloy: the set can’t be mixed and matched with other armor in the game, sadly.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play as Aloy in Monster Hunter World. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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