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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Pets


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Pets

Everyone needs a buddy.

Getting Pets in Monster Hunter World

When you first arrive at the resource center in Monster Hunter World, you’ll soon be introduced to your room and personal quarters. This is where you can sort through your item box, organize your Palico’s equipment, and interact with your roommates and housekeeper. However, you can also keep pets here if you want.

Before doing that, however, you’ll need to actually have a pet first. Pets are essentially smaller animals that you can encounter out in the open world. Examples of pets in Monster Hunter World include shepherd hares, carrier ants, and grasshoppers. To capture them, simply cycle through your inventory to equip your capture net. Ready the capture net by holding down the L2 button (or LT on Xbox One), and then releasing it with the R2 button (RT on Xbox One), just like how you’d control the slinger. If your aim is accurate, you’ll be able to snag a small animal, and a tooltip will pop up on the right side of the screen to indicate the details of the animal you caught.

Back in your room, talk to the housekeeper and you’ll see an option to display a pet. Choose your preferred animal from the list, and that animal will start hanging around your room.

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