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Monster Hunter World: How to Mount Monsters


Monster Hunter World: How to Mount Monsters

Mount and attack!

How to Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter World

Being able to mount monsters in Monster Hunter World allows you to deal painful blows to your enemy and gives you a chance to knock down your foe. Doing this is easier than it sounds, as not only do you have to jump on top of a monster, but also carefully observe your stamina as well as the monster’s behavior to avoid getting knocked off.

To mount a monster in Monster Hunter World, simply jump from a higher platform and press the normal attack button (Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One) to perform a jumping attack and mount the enemy. Getting launched upwards by your teammates with upswing attacks from great swords and the charge blade also allows you to mount a monster, as you can recover midair and perform a jumping attack.

Once atop, you can mash the attack button to deal damage to your enemy. However, you should also closely monitor your stamina bar, your enemy’s behavior, and the erratic flashing colors of your mini-map to avoid getting thrown off. You will slowly lose stamina while mounting a monster and you’ll automatically get thrown off once it completely depletes. The mini-map will also flash red whenever the monster is trying to shake you off, and you can counter this by bracing with the R2 or RT button. Another way the monster will attempt to throw you off is by performing a body slam, and you can evade this by changing your mount position with the left stick.

If you can master mounting in Monster Hunter World, you can quickly knock down enemies with ease. For more on Monster Hunter World, make sure to check out our wiki.

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