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Monster Hunter World: Where the Lump of Meat Is (Meat of the Matter Quest)


Monster Hunter World: Where the Lump of Meat Is (Meat of the Matter Quest)

Where the Lump of Meat Is (Meat of the Matter Quest) In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World has plenty of quests for players to tackle, with many of them being completely optional to complete. One such quest that you’ll take on is Meat of the Matter, which has you tracking down a Lump of Meat for the Meowscular Chef. It can be a bit tricky to find the item, let alone get it back to your base camp, but we’re here to help.

Lump of Meat is found in Rotten Vale in Monster Hunter World, and you’ll want to head down to the lowest area in the level. In order to do this you will need to pass through some poisonous gas, so you’ll want to bring healing items along with you. It’s easiest to fast travel to the Central Camp and make your way up from there. You’re going to want to head to the top left corner of the map, and find the red monsters lair. If you look around a little bit you’ll see what looks like a dead pterodactyl lying on the ground. Loot the monster and you’ll pick up a Lump of Meat.

Now the trick here is that the Lump of Meat functions like carrying an egg, as your hunter will grasp it with both hands, restricting your movement and combat abilities. You’ll need to navigate through the area and back to your camp, while avoiding or running from any enemies. Using the Ghillie Mantle will definitely help sneak past the groups of monsters that attack you. Keep in mind, however, that the Meat of the Matter quest requires you to deliver two Lumps of Meat, so you’ll need to make the treck again. If you want to use your Ghillie Mantle a second time, you’ll need to wait roughly five minutes before it becomes available again.

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