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Monster Hunter World: How to Block


Monster Hunter World: How to Block

How to Block in Monster Hunter World

While there are plenty of beautiful landscapes to explore and enjoy in Monster Hunter World, you’ll never forget the real reason why you’re in this new land. These lands are filled with monsters and it’s your job to take these beasts down. If you hope to do that without becoming monster kibble, you will need to know how to block.

Blindly rushing in with your weapon drawn and all your courage in tow can easily end with you getting served a huge slice of humble pie in Monster Hunter World. Focusing solely on your offense isn’t always the best strategy in this game no matter how strong you might be. Sometimes the best way to defeat a monster is by utilizing your environment. In other cases, maybe it’s best to have the monster duke it out with other beasts in the area.

Only certain weapon types will allow you to block incoming attacks in Monster Hunter World. These are the Greatsword, Sword & Shield, Lance, Gun Lance, and Commission Axe. When using these weapons, simply press and hold the R2 button on PlayStation 4 or RT on Xbox One. When using other weapons, you’ll activate their unique ability when pressing R2/ RT, so keep in mind what weapon you’re using.

If you have more questions about Monster Hunter World or just need general tips and tricks, check out our full wiki guide here.

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