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Monster Hunter World: How to Use Demon Mode & What it Does


Monster Hunter World: How to Use Demon Mode & What it Does

How to Use Demon Mode & What it Does in Monster Hunter World

If you’re looking to use Dual Blades as your main form of attack against the monsters of Monster Hunter World, there will be an added mode that will allow you to perform even stronger and deadlier attacks called Demon Mode.

This mode is specific to Hunters who pick the Dual Blade as their primary weapon in Monster Hunter World. When activated by pressing R2 (PS4) or RT (Xbox One), Demon Mode provides a boost to your attack damage and gives you access to a new range of attack moves that can be performed. It will also grant resistance to knock backs by enemies and alters the dodge to a quick dash move.

When jumping from a ledge in this mode, use a normal attack (Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One) to perform a cartwheel attack.

Attacks in Demon Mode also builds up a Demon Gauge which, when full, can be activated into a Archdemon Mode. In this mode you can perform a flurry of attacks known as Blade Dance in by pressing Triangle + Circle or Y + B together.

Demon Mode uses stamina to be maintained and will end as soon as the stamina bar is emptied in Monster Hunter World. You can deactivate it manually by pressing R2 or RB again if you don’t want to run the stamina bar down.

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