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Monster Hunter World: Can You Skip Cutscenes?


Monster Hunter World: Can You Skip Cutscenes?


Monster Hunter World is a huge game in every sense of the meaning. Each of its locations realizes enormous areas of wilderness packed with monsters of awe-inspiring proportions. In a first for the series, there’s also a substantial narrative offering. Previous Monster Hunter games have always featured pretty limited stories, typically boiling down to there being a big monster causing havoc. You then discover that said monster can only be stopped by you, and you’re then charged with hunting and killing it. Monster Hunter World, though, has a more accomplished and lengthy narrative. And as you’d expect, that means you’re going to be sitting through many more cutscenes than in previous games. Not to mention, there’s host of smaller cutscenes whenever you action an activity such as eating a meal.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to skip these cutscenes, either because you aren’t interested in them or you’ve seen them before, we’re sorry to inform you that you’re stuck watching them. There is no option to skip cutscenes in Monster Hunter World. Those monsters will just have to go on living for just a little while longer before you’re back out on the hunt and tracking them down!

For more information on the game, Twinfinite has compiled a comprehensive wiki page with other useful tips and guides.

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