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Monster Hunter World: Best Weapon Types


Monster Hunter World: Best Weapon Types

Pick your faves.

Best Weapon Types in Monster Hunter World

It’s not really possible to determine which is hands down the best weapon type available in Monster Hunter World because they’re all suited to different kinds of play styles. Not to mention the fact that there are certain weapon types that are more suited for newcomers to the series, and others that will be more up to speed for veterans. Here are some of the best weapon types we’ve picked out from the game:

Best Weapon Types for Newcomers of Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World’s combat can take a while to get used to, and some of the heavier weapon types might not be the best ones to start out with if you’re new to the game. The Switch Axe is a pretty good one to start with, as it provides a lot of versatility in its move set. You can attack quickly in sword form, while the axe form slows you down but deals heavier blows. The only downfall is that you’ll have to switch forms regularly or they’ll get ineffective with overuse.

The sword and shield is another great one to start with as it gives you blocking capability while allowing you to attack fast. It also has the benefit of letting you consume healing items without having to put away your weapon. If you want your character to look like a rogue, the dual blades are also a good option if you like buffing your weapon with elemental damage. However, as a general rule of thumb, the fast weapons in Monster Hunter games don’t deal quite as much damage as the heavier ones. So depending on how you handle the different weapon types, battles could drag on for longer.

The long sword is a good choice for newcomers because of the extra damage it does. It’s not as slow as some of the other types, but still does a reasonable amount of damage, and it’s quite easy to handle.

Best Weapon Types for Range in Monster Hunter World

Ranged weapons can be very useful against flying enemies in Monster Hunter World, and the light bowgun is our pick for this one. While it does function very similarly to the heavy bowgun, the latter can leave you wide open while reloading. You’ll also need to be very familiar with the effective range of your different ammo types to deal the optimal amount of damage.

The light bowgun is much easier to handle, and you also get a range of powder coatings for different types of attacks. You can also charge up shots for extra damage, though it’s worth noting that this does consume stamina.

Best Weapon Types for Melee in Monster Hunter World

The gunlance is one of the coolest weapon types in Monster Hunter World, but it can be tricky to learn it properly. It functions similarly to the hammer, except you can finish off your combos with explosive rounds and even stun them for a short while. In our experience, the gunlance wasn’t the greatest weapon type for solo play, but it’s very useful for setting up combos when you’re in a party in Monster Hunter World.

The hammer and greatsword are still good picks, and choosing between them depends on what type of damage you want to deal. The greatsword is more suited for cutting of the tail, while the hammer does blunt damage, which is great for knocking off armored monster parts.

But if you enjoy looking flashy and landing mounted attacks, the insect glaive is another good one to look out for. The glaive part of the weapon lets you pull off a lot of aerial combos, which is great for winged enemies and landing on a monster’s back. The insect part lets you summon a kinsect to provide buffs and debuffs. You can poison an enemy, or heal yourself up. The insect glaive has a lot of utility to it, though it can be difficult to learn how to use it to its full effectiveness.

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