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Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Teleport


Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Teleport

Take them by surprise.

How to Teleport in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Teleport or vanishing attacks are quite deadly in Dragon Ball FighterZ. While this maneuver consumes one stock of ki, teleport attacks are quite useful as it allows you to catch the enemy by surprise, avoid projectiles, or to extend your combos.

To use a teleporting attack in DragonBall FighterZ, simply press Triangle + Circle on PS4 or Y + B on Xbox One. Doing this quickly makes your character teleport behind your opponent, followed by a wall bounce that allows you to perform a lengthy combo. Alternatively, you can perform a special move and cancel it into a teleport attack in order to extend your combo, as doing this will make your enemy bounce off the wall.

With these attacks being almost instantaneously fast, you can ensure a deadly combo chain on an unsuspecting enemy. This move is definitely harder to anticipate than super dash attacks.

To make sure you’re always stacked up enough energy to perform one of these attacks, don’t forget to charge your ki. While your super meter charges by dealing damage to your foes, replenishing it by charging allows you to quickly fill it up.

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