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Dragon Ball FighterZ: How Long the Story Is & How Many Chapters There Are


Dragon Ball FighterZ: How Long the Story Is & How Many Chapters There Are


Dragon Ball FighterZ is a hotly anticipated 2.5D beat em’ up starring the iconic characters of the Dragon Ball Z universe. With so many awesome storylines and such an enormous roster of colorful characters throughout the franchise, many fans are wondering just how long the game’s story mode is going to be. Luckily, there’s going to be plenty to play through for even the most hardcore fans out there.

In addition to multiplayer and online modes, Dragon Ball FighterZ’s main campaign – which takes place after the events of the anime – features a story split into three chapters: the Super Warriors Arc, the Super Villain Arc, and the Android Arc, each of which follows the story from the perspectives of Goku, Frieza, and Android 18 respectively.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s story mode takes place across three different arcs. Each one tells the same story from a different perspective, allowing you plenty of insight into what was happening behind the scenes with each group. There are nine chapters in each arc, so you’ll have a total of 27 to play through to see everything Dragon Ball FighterZ’s story mode has to offer.

If you’re wondering, there have so far been 20 playable characters announced for the game, with Beerus, Kid Buu, adult Gohan, and Nappa all included as you’d expect.

That’s all the information we have so far on how long Dragon Ball FighterZ is. For more useful information on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.

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