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Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Change to English or Japanese Dub


Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Change to English or Japanese Dub

Choose your preferred language setting.

Change to English or Japanese Dub in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Do you prefer to hear the English or Japanese voice cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ? You don’t need to download any DLCs to experience both, as developer Arc System Works’ 2.5D fighting game allows you to freely choose the language setting that you want.

Changing the game’s language setting is quite easy. To do this, open the menu while you’re in the game’s lobby and head over to the options menu. From here, open the sound & language option and switch the voices to either English or Japanese. Regardless which setting you choose, you’ll have English subtitles to help you understand what’s happening in the game. Sadly, there’s no option for a Japanese subtitles for an authentic experience.

Aside from the dialogue language during local and multiplayer battles, this setting also extends to the game’s story mode. With this, you can experience all arcs of the game’s brand-new storyline however you want, regardless of the platform you own. This is a neat way for Arc System Works and publisher Bandai Namco to satisfy all Dragon Ball fans around the world.

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